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Our Mission

Independent Manufacturers’​ Sales Rep and Sales Consultant that can help grow your sales and profits applying Six Sigma principles.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help our principals and customers to profitably grow their respective business

DeNeal Industrial Sales & Services, LLC focus is on all aspects of industrial sales, marketing support, planning and programs, which are collaboratively developed to grow profitable sales results for both principal and customer.

Our value is our integrity and character, sales and marketing experience selling and marketing technical products and services, broad based industrial product knowledge and expertise, sales management and channel management and sales quality and sales force improvement.

Sales Force Augmentation

• Independent Manufacturer’s Sales Agent or Representative
• Experienced Industrial Sales and Sales Management personnel that can complement or replace existing sales force or establish a sales force..

Sales and Marketing Strategy

• Sales and Market Development programs
• Sales Assessments and Market Research
• eBusiness Solutions.

Sales Channel Development

• Direct vs. Indirect Sales Channel Analysis
• Channel compensation models
• Channel Promotional Programs

Sales Process Improvement

• Integrated purchasing and selling process mapping
• Practical Six Sigma approach
• Sales metrics and measurement system
• Sales compensation models

Sales Force Training

• Opportunity Process mapping
• Opportunity vs. Account management planning
• Fundamentals of Electrical Products

Advancing the professionalism and utilization of independent manufacturers’ representatives.

Next Steps…

Let us help Grow your Sales and Profits by applying Six Sigma principles.