Our Value Proposition and Approach

Our approach with our principals and customers is to develop collaborative relationship and solutions.
We ask fundamental questions:
• How do we structure relationship and agreements for our principals and customer's success?
• How can we create products, solutions and services for our principals and customers to be successful?
• How do we create a “Go to Market” model for our principals and customers to engage, experience and buy?
• How do we create experiences for our principals and customers so that we can be an integral part of our principals and customers’ life time of value?
We will utilize experience and knowledge gained as a former GE Global Sales Leader and a GE Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.


We will apply Six Sigma Principles Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control (DMAIC) to our engagements.

• Define sales and marketing issues and/or goals for principals and/or customers.
• Measure sales and marketing processes and programs for principals. Understand customer’s buying processes and map effectiveness of the principal’s sales and marketing processes.
• Analyze and evaluate sales and marketing processes, buying process, data and sales and marketing program alternatives. Recommend a collaborative solution between principal and customer.
• Implement recommended collaborative solution between principal and customer.
• Develop Control strategies and plans to monitor and maintain solution.
Our value is our integrity and character, sales and marketing experience selling and marketing technical products and services, broad based industrial product knowledge and expertise, sales management and channel management and sales quality and sales force improvement.

Next Steps...

Let us help Grow your Sales and Profits by applying Six Sigma principles.